What Is In A Name?

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Turns out, quite a lot!

What pops into your head when you hear our business name, Human Talent and Training Ltd? I’m genuinely interested to know!?

I’ll tell you our thoughts behind it and why we chose it and I’ll be honest, I don’t put a huge amount of importance on company names. I think so long as you work hard and are good at what you do, you will be successful no matter what you decide to call your business. My husband was far more concerned about the name and image (this may bode well for us being a well-balanced team)

We started by looking at what we wanted to achieve, what was the ultimate goal? Combined we want to place people in jobs that they can thrive in, we want companies to make informed and empowered recruitment and training decisions and we want employees to maximise their potential. So far, so predictable?

In the throes of an artificial intelligence revolution, we want to absolutely prioritise everything that is not artificial about us and everyone we work with. We’ve all read enough articles about sleep walking towards a world of automation, lacking the human touch and watched plenty of movies (Blade Runner being the current favourite, or we quite enjoyed Passengers with Jennifer Lawrence last weekend if you’re looking for robot related movie recommendations!) I have also used recruitment and training companies in the past who could have been androids, programmed to say the same things to all their candidates and clients! But I am going off on a bit of a tangent, as us humans sometimes do!

Chris, my husband and the brains behind the talent arm of HTT (Human Talent & Training) will be working in the IT, digital, automation and robotics job markets, supplying the humans who program the robots.

I (Mel) will be training the people to be even more human, focusing on the skills that improve our ever-growing emotional intelligence, which makes us far superior to the robots! I have to quote a lady who I am incredibly lucky to work with and be friends with, Laura Thomson of Phenomenal Training Ltd (www.phenomenaltraining.com) who is the reason our 4-year-old often says “Look busy, the robots are coming” Laura says that the secret in the continuation and improvement of our human success, are the 4 C’s, Caring, Creativity, Collaboration and Curiosity, because Robots are no good at these (they are also useless at hairdressing, but that’s another story)

As humans it’s now more important than ever, that we strive to understand our strengths both individually and as a team and to work on them, none of us is the finished article. For this reason, we wanted to work more intelligently with our clients and look more deeply at what the candidate wants from a job role as well as what the company wants. Ask questions that other recruitment and training companies don’t ask. Which is why I have put together a Behavior, Motivation and Communication Profile, which every candidate at HTT will carry out. This way the candidate may well gain some insight in to their own strengths and weaknesses and the client will have a far better understanding of where that person would best fit. With the intention that the role will be intelligently filled (in a non-artificial way) and the result will be a happy, understood and fulfilled employee, a satisfied company with greater staff retention and productivity. If you’re intrigued and would like to answer these questions to get your own profile, just let me know.

Naturally this profile works on existing teams, so that we can greater understand the dynamics, shed light on any conflict as well as prevent it. Enabling people to be more efficient. Similarly, the training programs providing strategies for more effective management, customer service, resilience etc ALL go towards us humans being incredible at what we do and making it far less likely that a robot will sneak in and take our jobs!

This plus our down to earth, honest and friendly approach, is what makes us Human Talent and Training Ltd and we hope to have the opportunity to work with you.

Chris Yea