Please excuse the bad analogy... but its Friday and been a long week!

I was watching Masterchef the Professionals last night and it reminded me very much of our first year in business.

Skills Test…

You start off with the skills test, which in theory you should ace as you’ve been working in recruitment for 15 years… And under the watchful eyes of your peers, you embark on your tasks of building your brand and placing candidates. Luckily you manage to muddle through the first few months, selecting suppliers and systems, dealing with accountants, getting contracts written and working on jobs. Whilst fielding calls from water cooler companies, to telecoms and the plethora of business services who see you've registered on companies house!

Signature Dish…

After the initial set up you find your feet and get to do what you do best, recruit. You win new business and place people in to roles they love and you get thanks from both and PAID.

Cook for the Critics….

If by this point you aren’t knocked out. You build a reputation and authority in the market, get kudos for what you do and perhaps you're not to everyones taste!

What next… Well let’s see what the semi-finals holds

Not a great analogy I know, but it came to me last night after a couple of ales and made me smile.

Chris is a technology recruiter and recruitment business owner with over 14 years experience in the industry. With his wife Melanie a Communications Coach, Trainer and Sales and Marketing recruiter to the tech sector, they the run Human Talent and Training, helping start-ups, scale-ups and established firms build great performing teams. For more info on how they can help call 01435 865000.