As The Robots Become More Human, Should We Become More Robot?

Yes, is my answer, and I'll explain why.

I am not a big believer in coincidences, so when I discovered that the study of human excellence, Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) had a doppelganger in the world of artificial intelligence, Natural Language Processing (NLP) it got me thinking.

Natural Language Processing is intended to allow AI to communicate in a more human sounding way.

Neuro Linguistic Programming is designed to allow humans to program ourselves for excellence in any area we choose.

I picture this as a continuum. On one end you have the robots, devoid of emotion. On the other end we have humans, full of emotion.

As the bots begin to sound as if they have the same emotion as humans, they become relate-able and their potential for roles requiring empathy and human characteristics, increase.

Similarly if humans use Neuro Linguistic Programming they will over come limiting beliefs, be in control of their state at any given moment and their potential for providing far better service than a robot in any given role increases.

As an example, after a long journey would you rather check in at your hotel using an efficient and polite machine? Or with a person who is rude, abrupt and barely looks at you? I would choose a machine, and this is why hotels have started implementing machines at check in. That and revenue of course.

However the same rude, abrupt hotel receptionist behaved in this way due to a lack of confidence. He avoided eye contact because of an almost subconscious belief that the hotel guests looked down on him. Using Neuro Linguistic Programming he could choose to replace the limiting belief that guests look down on him, for a belief that would be more useful for him. He could grow his confidence and choose to be consciously intuitive and value the guests experience. In turn enjoying his job more.

Now, would you rather check in with an efficient polite machine or a confident, intuitive receptionist who values your experience and enjoys their job? And if this was the kind of service that humans were consistently offering, would it be such a revenue saver for businesses to put robots in their place?

As robots become more human, we should become more robot. All this really means is consciously using the computer that is our brain and stomach and nervous system, to program ourselves for excellence, because we all can. Ultimately it will allow us to use our incredible human abilities and harness our capacity for emotion in a powerful way, instead of unconsciously programming our computer and allowing our internal strategies to sabotage our potential, as so many of us do.

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Chris Yea