For over 13 years Chris has been at the forefront of IT & Digital transformation, working with industry disruptors and established brands, supplying staff and contractors to transform their businesses and industries through technology.  

He knew when starting a new recruitment business that he had to offer something different and with Melanie came up with a new innovate approach.

The concept of the talent side of the business is to add value and bring a change to the grind of recruitment for businesses and candidates.

Who are our Clients? - Small, medium and large organisations across the UK working in various industries who understand having an outstanding technology team creates success. Some of our clients are start-ups and scale-ups within ecommerce, elearning, InsurTech, FinTech and PharmTech industries along digital agencies, software companies, insurers, travel companies, online retailers and more.  


We recruit for

  • Software & Web Design & Development (User Interface, Frontend, Backend, Full Stack etc)

  • UX Consultancy, Research & Design

  • Data Science, Machine Learning & Data Analysis

  • Project & Programme Management

  • Business Analysis

  • Business & Digital Transformation

  • Information & Cyber Security (InfoSec)

  • IT Support and Infrastructure

  • Change Management & Training

  • Embedded Software Engineering and Design

  • Technology Sales & Marketing

  • Connected Devices, Wearables and IoT

  • Advanced Manufacturing, Industry 4.0, IIoT & Digital Manufacturing

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What do we do for you? - We have a new innovate way to ATTRACT the best staff and help you RETAIN them within your organisation.

How? - All our clients are very different, and we treat you as such. We work with you to identify the right kind of person by creating an Avatar. This Avatar is not only the desired technical, education and background information, it also includes a Behaviour, Motivation and Communication profile that we use to select the right fit for your team and organisation.

You then leave it with us.

Now this is the clever part – through our network of local candidates (we only work with the best), which is built through an on-going inbound attraction campaign (not your standard write an advert and they will come), we use the Avatar information to match the right person to you as a hirer, the right fit for the team and the right person for the business. We back this up with a Profile for each hire outlining their communication type, what motivates them, what kind of employee they are, their strengths and their weaknesses. This will give you the information you need to manage the new employee in a way that will motivate them and allow them to work at their full potential, which will increase staff retention, overall employee satisfaction and productivity.

Looking for a contractor? - Again, using the same techniques as above we go to our local network and identify the right contractor for your organisation.




Candidates – Here’s what we do for you:

Money, Benefits & Opportunity – We care and take time to understand your requirements and motivations, we will then only contact you about companies you will love working for. And we only work in the IT and Digital markets and know what a good opportunity is and what isn’t (we’ve seen it all).

Support – Whether you are starting out in your career, looking to move companies or transition in to a new area, we are here to support and guide you through the whole process and after!  

Technology & Innovation – The UK is a hive of IT, Financial, Manufacturing and Digital innovation. By registering with us you will hear about all our clients exciting new projects. 


Contact Us

Whether you are looking for your perfect job, for the perfect candidate, or a training/coaching programme that could be the difference between good and great, we would like to hear from you. Please get in touch in the way that suits you best, we will get back to you as soon as possible.

T: 01435 865000

E: chris@humantalentandtraining.com

E: melanie@humantalentandtraining.com


We care a great deal about your privacy. We do not share your personal data under any circumstances, unless you have given us your permission. Darth Vader himself could demand access and we would stand strong! Please see our privacy notice for reassurance.

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