Tim Burton - Customer Success Manager @ Madgex

At the time of writing Mel has worked with myself and team at Madgex on about 4 or 5 occasions. I can honestly say that these sessions have been some of the most valuable that I have had in my career. Mel is exceptionally good at using the professional as a spring board and then tailoring her coaching to how she can help her participants in their personal lives as well. She is fun, engaging, relaxed, and always the consummate professional. After every session I have used her coaching in both my professional and personal life. I can't wait to attend another session!

Helen Croston - Programme Manager @ TUI UK

"Chris saved me hours of screening by consistently putting forward excellent candidates with a specific skill set that were relevant to the roles. He worked tirelessly to achieve ambitious deadlines and when challenges arose he quickly worked through them to recover the situation. I have no hesitation in recommending Chris, as he has proved consistent and reliable in all my dealings with him."


 Sarah Bennett-Parket – People & Operations Manager @ RightIndem

 “Chris approached me on LinkedIn after thoroughly researching our company, he is and continues to be professional, knowledgeable and engaging. Already having placed two great candidates with us, we continue to work with Human T&T and foresee a long working relationship. I would not hesitate to recommend Chris, he uses great skill to find the right candidates for us and not just for their expertise in the tech field but also ensuring we meet people who will be a good cultural fit. He listens and takes the time to understand our business. We have also had the pleasure of working with Melanie, the other half of Human T&T and are reaping the benefits as a business from Melanie’s skills in training and developing our people. Great support, great team!”

 Robert Smith - Delivery Manager @ AJG International

“Chris worked with us to fill a role we had been struggling with for a long time. He took the time to understand our needs, and the specific candidate we were looking for, and unlike a lot of recruiters, he only sent us candidates that really met the brief. Chris was able to fill a tricky position where several other agencies failed, and I’d welcome the opportunity to work with Human Talent and Training again.”

Suky Bansal - Talent Acquisition Manager @ R&Q Insurance 

 "Chris is an excellent Consultant and an expert in his niche. He has a deep understanding of the interim market and keeps abreast of the developments as and when they occur. As a person, he is astute and efficient and a pleasure to deal with. Having experienced Chris's services both on the candidate and client side, I would not hesitate to recommend him or work with Chris again."

Mo Kanjilal - Sales Director @ Madgex

I was introduced to Mel through a colleague as I was looking for a trainer to help my sales team with their communication and negotiation skills. During the last year, we have worked closely with Mel in several workshops covering those areas, as well as individual coaching with everyone in the team. She has transformed how the team communicate through the sessions and coaching and made a huge impact on the team. I have been to many sales training sessions in my years in sales, none of them have been anything like the training we have done with Mel. Her style engages the room immediately, and the use of NLP really helps people to see how they are behaving and communicating and how they can adapt their styles to the people they are meeting. In the individual coaching sessions, she has worked with each person in the team to uncover what their fears and blockers are, and how to work to change those things into positive actions and behaviours. I was so impressed with her work, that I recommended her to other teams in the company who have also worked with her during the last year. When we were looking for someone to do some training for our team in Canada, we were so impressed with her work, that we asked Mel to travel to Canada to do the training for the team there as well. She has a great style which keeps everyone interested, and she creates a safe space where people can explore themselves and their styles and learn how to adapt their communication styles. We are looking forward to planning more training with her over the next year.